Breathing Life
Into Virtual Beings

Our human-centric AI technology brings seeing and sociable digital assistants to life.

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Virtual Beings that See, Hear, and Remember You

We make virtual assistants that are more than virtual: they are animated and alive! Our characters see, hear, and interact with you in realtime, creating a working relationship that is compassionate, energetic, and always helpful.

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What does it take to create an AI that’s truly interactive? Our virtual assistants are powered by multimodal AI that understands spoken words and physical movement.

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Intelligent and Empathetic

Most of us work harder in the presence of others. Our AI interacts with you naturally and understands social cues, so you have the sense of interacting with a real person.


We aim to breathe context awareness into our virtual assistants so that they remember and forge personal relationships with their clients (that’s you!)

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Virtual Beings are the next step in the evolution from smart speakers to robots

We build virtual robots who are perceptive and social. Consumer robots today are merely bodies without brains. Our virtual beings are brains awaiting a physical body.

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The first platform for building visual, interactive AI

We provide the foundational technology layer to power virtual assistants on consumer devices.

We are at the Heart of the World’s Deep Learning Ecosystem

Our journey began in Toronto, where our founding CEO Roland Memisevic studied under the supervision of Turing Award laureate Geoffrey Hinton. From 2012 to 2016, Roland co-led the Montreal Institute of Learning Algorithms (MILA) with Yoshua Bengio, Aaron Courville, and Pascal Vincent. Bengio, also a Turing Award laureate, is the founding advisor of 20BN.

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Yoshua Bengio

Founding Advisor


Turing Award 2018

Scientific Director

MILA Institute

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Roland Memisevic

CEO & Co-Founder


Former Professor

MILA Institute

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Peter Yianilos

Board Chairman & Investor


CEO & Founder


Former President

Franklin Electronic Publishers

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