The next generation
of virtual assistants

Twenty Billion Neurons (TwentyBN) is a Microsoft M12-backed artificial intelligence startup committed to making personalized coaching and companionship accessible to all people.

Powering this mission is our expertise in computer vision, natural language processing and transfer learning. We create sociable AI assistants that understand human behavior with our end-to-end Human-Centric AI platform, which includes our crowd-acting data platform, deep neural network training and optimization, and the development of consumer applications.

After starting in 2015, we began providing cutting edge computer vision solutions to the world’s leading enterprises for automotive and smart home use cases. We also developed an avatar for live brick-and-mortar retail interactions. Today, we are using our technology to power consumer products.

Fitness Ally is TwentyBN’s first consumer product. The mobile app offers users on-demand, guided and entertaining workouts with live form feedback from a virtual trainer that sees, listens, and understands.

TwentyBN is a CB Insights 2019 Top 100 AI startup and a 2018 Gartner Cool Vendor in AI Core Technologies. Our founders have 30 years of combined experience in deep learning and software development. Yoshua Bengio, the Turing Award recipient in 2018, is TwentyBN's founding advisor.

Our Investors

Our Advisors

Nathan Benaich
Peter Yianilos
Board Chairman & Advisor
Founder & CEO, Edgestream
Yoshua Bengio
Yoshua Bengio
Scientific Advisor
Founder & Director, MILA
David Fleet
Sadie Kurzban
Product Advisor
Founder, 305 Fitness
Nathan Benaich
Nathan Benaich
Product Advisor
Founder, Air Street Capital
David Fleet
Andreas Penna
Corp Dev Advisor
Founder, Penna & Co

Meet the Team

Roland Memisevic, PhD

CEO & Chief Scientist

Dr. Ingo Bax


Moritz Müller-Freitag


Héctor Marroquin

Crowdsourcing Supporter

Guillaume Berger

Principal A.I. Researcher

Florian Letsch

Senior A.I. Engineer

Nahua Kang

Junior Software Engineer

Tippi Puar

Operations Manager

Dennis Schön

Senior Software Engineer (Consultant)

Mark Todorovich

VP Embedded Systems

Cornelius Böhm

Senior A.I. Engineer

David Greenberg

Community & PR Manager

Antoine Mercier

A.I. Engineer

Anny Wong

Visual Designer (Consultant)

Isaac Wu

Product & Business Development (Consultant)

Fergui Pascual

Character Animator/Developer

Kushal Pandya

iOS Developer

Ruan Erasmus

Data Intern

Sunny Panchal

A.I. Engineer Intern

Jakob Lindermeir

Working Student Software Development

Meri Simonyan

3D Character Animator

Larisa Simsons

3D Character Animator

Jacob Thrasher

Unity Developer

Colin Munch


Haspinder Singh

iOS Developer

Steve Lee

Head of Digital Marketing

Seamus Egan-Elliott

Fitness Specialist

Taylor Roth

Product Manager

An Nguyen

UI / Graphic Designer

Arun Shankar

Data Analyst (Intern)

Bernice Wong

Unity Intern

Jane Anchacova

UX Designer Intern

Kit-Ying Angela Chong

UX Designer Intern

Jashan Brar

Full-Stack Web Developer Intern

Yujie Hu

AI Engineer, Intern

Manik Dhingra

AI Engineer, Intern

Yashesh Savani

AI Engineer, Intern

Tanvi Mandanka

Android Developer Intern

Noah Adams

Product Manager

Nabeel Rizk

Android Developer (Consultant)
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