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Working at TwentyBN

Throw an apple in the air and it will drop to the floor. Wave to someone and they will notice and attend to you. This is clear to humans, it's common sense.

Now we are working on bringing visual common sense to the world of robots and artificial intelligence. We are developing new, ground-breaking technology that allows machines to interact with humans like humans do.

Our Story

Founded in 2015, TwentyBN is committed to bringing the progress of AI machines with a human-like “awareness” into every corner of society.

We grow the world’s largest commercial video data studio with millions of high-quality video data and train neural networks to internalize visual common sense and grasp complex, dynamic scenes.

TwentyBN’s deep learning software works in real time at the edge to enable truly touchless human-machine interaction and empower the next-generation intelligent systems to decipher human actions.

Our Investors

Our Advisors

Yoshua Bengio
Yoshua Bengio
Mila - Quebec AI Institute
Peter Yianilos
Peter Yianilos
Creative Edge Ventures
Nathan Benaich
Nathan Benaich
Point Nine Capital
Ingo Fründ
Ingo Fründ
York University
David Fleet
David Fleet
University of Toronto

Meet the Team

Roland Memisevic, PhD

CEO & Chief Scientist

Dr. Ingo Bax


Moritz Müller-Freitag


Raghav Goyal

A.I. Engineer

Héctor Marroquin

Crowdsourcing Supporter

Guillaume Berger

Principal A.I. Researcher

Melanie Metzner

Team Lead, People & Operations Management

Florian Letsch

A.I. Engineer

Nahua Kang

Product Marketing Manager

Sarah Rose

Operations Manager

Erick Dennis

Senior Software Engineer (Consultant)

Dr. Nicolas Gorges

Senior A.I. Engineer

Tippi Puar

Operations Manager

Robert Groth

Head of Sales and Business Development U.S. (Consultant)

Oleg Mikhaylov

Senior Infrastructure Engineer

Dennis Schön

Senior Software Engineer

Mark Todorovich

VP Embedded Systems

Cornelius Styp von Rekowski

A.I. Engineer

Elise Boyd

Product Designer (Consultant)

David Greenberg

Community & PR Manager

Chris Mansfield

Head of Product

Rainer Schwarz

Part-Time CFO (Consultant)

Niklas Gümmer

Student Assistant Data Operations

Antoine Mercier

A.I. Engineer

Anny Wong

Visual Designer (Consultant)

Isaac Wu

Summer Business Intern

Ella Feldmann

A.I. Engineer Intern

Claudine Hoelzel

Finance Assistant

William Hackett

Summer Business Intern
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