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Retail Mobile Activations

TwentyBN partnered with Soma Innovation Labs to do a live mobile customer acquisition activation. TwentyBN engineered its AI-powered avatar, Millie, to drive mobile app downloads, registrations, and user engagement.

The Experience

In June 2019, creatives, technologists and executives descended on the Warner Bros. lot in Los Angeles to attend the AT&T SHAPE Expo. The theme park-like atmosphere full of entertainment, retail and media heavyweights was the setting for the showcasing of the latest and greatest in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

Millie was positioned to stand out among the crowd, engaging guests to participate in Soma’s signature AR-driven scavenger hunt. The Avatar Adventure Scavenger Hunt required users to download an app that powered a search for several AR characters lurking throughout the lot.

As guests entered Soma’s gift-filled LuxHub Lounge - the starting point of the experience - Millie used her eye-tracking technology to gain their attention and then prompted them to download the app. She delighted adults and kids alike, using her computer vision to interact with them seamlessly and engage them in an action-packed copy game!

Karen Morgan, one of the founders of Soma Innovation Labs, said: “Millie was a key component of our Lux Hub Portal AR scavenger hunt, preparing customers for the experience while driving mobile downloads.”

The Goal

TwentyBN and Soma Innovation Labs wanted to see how many mobile registrations Millie could generate in two days for Soma’s luxury retail app, Luxhub Portal. Reducing the cost associated with customer acquisition and generating an ROI from marketing campaigns are two of the most commonly cited marketing priorities from companies. Prior to the expo, TwentyBN made two predictions:

  • Millie will attract more guests due to her AI-powered interactive capabilities, friendly character design and her ability to engage in real-time games.
  • Millie will convert more guests thanks to her ability to more easily communicate and connect with people.


The results exceeded our expectations:

  • Millie had a total of 8,000+ user interactions.
  • More than 500 people (6.25%) downloaded the AR mobile app over a two-day period, despite bandwidth issues due to the volume of guests at Warner Bros.
  • Of those who downloaded the mobile app, over 275 registered (55%).
  • The average time spent on the mobile application was 50+ minutes per user, indicating strong user engagement.

According to Statista, 21% of worldwide mobile apps are used only once during the first 6-months after being downloaded. Additionally, Laetitia Gazel Anthoine, Founder and CEO of Connecthings says, “a simple download doesn’t guarantee an app stays top-of-mind.” She continues: “augmenting location with data about user behavior patterns enables a brand to create more timely, customized user engagement.”

Millie’s ability to see users in real time and proactively engaging them, combined with an easy-to-use, customizable back-end, will help brands reach their target customers with highly relevant content, boosting brand awareness and engagement while delighting them with a novel experience.

Don’t just take our word for it, here are what some people had to say about Millie!

"By far the best experience we had at the event over the last two days"

- Nicole Alyse Nelson

The two people in the video are Nicole Alyse Nelson and Ray Gordon. Nicole stars on the Nickelodeon show, I am Frankie. Here is what they had to say!

About Soma Innovation Labs

Soma offers the Luxhub Portal which is an online virtual portal, featuring Luxury Brands from around the world and offers new digital activations for brands and stores.

About TwentyBN

Twenty Billion Neurons is a Microsoft-backed AI company that creates digital avatars. We are the creators of the world’s first intelligent avatar, Millie, who uses action recognition and computer vision to sense human presence, understand engagement, and interacts with her users in a humanlike way. Millie's ability to see her surroundings enables her to invite customers into seamless, lifelike interactions.

TwentyBN's proprietary data training platform constantly generates video data that allows Millie to expand her skillsets and understanding of different situations. Equipped with real-time video understanding and a humanlike touch, Millie augments physical spaces and can be trained to help drive customer engagement in industries like retail, fitness, entertainment and more!