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Powerful, cost effective computer vision toolkits

TwentyBN’s deep learning pipeline enables enterprises of different levels of AI expertise to take full advantage of our computer vision software, neural networks, and video data.

20BN Hyper Model

Trained on millions of annotated video clips on over 1,000 action classes, TwentyBN’s proprietary Hyper Model is the world’s most powerful neural network for dynamic gesture and action recognition. It’s constantly evolving as we collect more video data.

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Crowd-Acting™ Platform

A globally distributed AI film studio that is capable of generating tens of thousands of labeled custom video clips on a daily basis. Take advantage of Crowd-Acting™ to collect diverse video data in the fastest and most effective manner.

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Software SDK

A Python- and C-based software toolkit to readily deploy TwentyBN’s high-performing deep neural networks for specific industry use cases.

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