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All you need to make your machines see

The special recipe for making AI see and understand the world includes large volume of video data, training neural networks, and building the software to deploy neural networks in the world in real time.

TwentyBN is your one-stop shop for all the ingredients of this computer vision recipe. Take advantage of TwentyBN and empower your intelligent systems today!

Real-Time Software Solutions

A computer vision software that works right out of the box. Its predictions are accurate, it runs blazingly fast, is optimizable for mobile devices, and has a small computational footprint. It’s the brain that turns inanimate cameras into human eyes.

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Pre-Trained Neural Network Models

What’s better than neural networks trained on the largest and most diverse data? TwentyBN offers you the most powerful pre-trained neural networks based on the world’s largest commercial video datasets. License our models for transfer learning and fine-tuning.

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High-Quality Video Datasets

TwentyBN’s global movie studio is constantly filming high-quality video data. Our public video datasets, Something-Something and Jester, are popular hits beloved by the AI research community. License our datasets for research or commercial use.

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