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Train your AI with the world's largest video data platform

Easily train your own interactive AI system with the Twenty Billion Neurons™ Crowd Acting™ video dataset collection.

Large-scale and diverse datasets

Explore a wide range of densely-labeled video clips using the Twenty Billion Neurons™ Crowd Acting™ platform.

Fast and agile data collection

The most time-efficient way to collect custom data for specific use cases

Cost-effective licensing options

We offer free licenses for public datasets, academic research, and commercial usage

Something Something

Dataset of densely-labeled video clips that show humans performing pre-defined basic actions with everyday objects.

Action Classes 174
Labeled video clips 220,847
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Dataset of densely-labeled video clips that show humans performing pre-definded hand gestures in front of a webcam.

Gesture Classes 27
Labeled video clips 148,092
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AR Interaction

Proprietary dataset with diverse video clips for building the next generation touchless interfaces

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Custom Data Generation

We support your application development by helping you set up your own video generation campaign using Twenty Billion Neurons™ Crowd Acting™.

  • Fast and cost-effective data generation
  • Flexible data volume
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Available Licenses

Depending on the organization you belong to and what the intended use for the data is, we have three different license types available:

Free Academic License

For academic institutions and non-profit organisations only.


Corporate Research License

For research and evaluation use in for-profit organizations and coprorate research labs.


Full Commercial License

For building commercial next level A.I. products and services.