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The digital companion for your customers

Bring your brand to life and offer your customers a truly unique engagement

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State-of-the-Art Deep Neural Networks

Behind the scenes, Millie offers an unparalleled tech stack

Advanced Gesture & Action Recognition

Our all-inclusive model recognizes over 1,000 dynamic gestures and actions in real-time

Natural Conversation

Industry-leading external speech NLP offering over 120 languages and dialects

Intuitive Touchless Interaction

Effortlessly interact with touchless selection and gestural interface navigation

An Intelligent Avatar Embodied in a Life-sized Kiosk

Runs on a GPU-powered computer with integrated camera and microphone

Kiosk monitoring and management, routine control & analytics

Users engage in real-time, face-to-face conversations with Millie

Real-time 3D rendering with Unity game engine

Personalize Your Customer Experience

Tailor Millie to your brand and deep dive into analytics with the integrated Millie.Global platform

Customize Millie

  • Manage Millie’s skills based on your customer funnel
  • Pick from our library of 2000+ lines, or write Millie’s script, choosing from synthesized, stitched or full voiceover
  • Customize animations, scene assets and character settings
  • Add custom real-world behaviors that Millie recognises to suit your needs
4 boxes depicting skills - Greet, Style Advisor, Promotions & Add a Skill
4 boxes showing numbers of passersby, impressions, people engaged and percentage converted to goal

Understand Your Customers

  • Behavioral Analytics Dashboard
  • Understand your customer demographics and filter by location, demographics and more
  • Track conversion rate of your goals

An ever-evolving skillset

Our custom data collection platform and high-performing architecture helps Millie learn faster, every day

Crowd-Acted Video Data Collection

Thousands of high-quality videos generated daily for training the deep learning models behind Millie’s brain

Supervised Training

Leverage high-performing neural network architecture to teach Millie skillsets that fit your needed use cases

Transfer Learning

Apply training across domains for Millie to learn new skills and new roles with lower volume of data

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