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Millie: Your Intelligent Avatar

That sees, understands, and interacts with you in real time

Millie is the world’s first context-aware digital avatar. Powered by artificial intelligence, Millie is a life-size helper who interacts with people by observing and understanding their actions and the physical context. With her friendly and likeable personality, Millie is the ultimate assistant, offering a level of personal care, from retail greeter and product promoter to personal coach for enhanced skills-based learning.

Take Advantage of TwentyBN’s Solutions

Retail greeter and attractor

Drive foot traffic to physical stores

Sales assistant

Upselling, cross-selling

Product promoter

Provide product information, encourage touching product

Signage Advertiser

Increase brand visibility

Personal coach

Instruct proper forms for dancing, exercises, and sports

Concierge and receptionist

Offer reliable assistance in the workplace or public sector


Take care of people who are lonely and in need of social interactions

Why Millie and TwentyBN


Millie is trained to interact in human conversations and engagements naturally


She runs 24/7 and always provides the most accurate intelligence


Leverage TwentyBN’s global data platform to customize Millie for your specific use cases

Tech Specs

  • Millie comes in a life-sized kiosk featuring variable display sizes, allowing her to have face-to-face conversations with the user
  • The kiosk can be placed at any indoor or outdoor location with power connection and internet access
  • Millie is running on a GPU-powered machine. She sees and hears her environment using an integrated camera and microphone

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