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The Sociable, Service-Oriented AI Avatar

Your intelligent and sociable employee offering the best service to customers

Humanlike interaction in real-time

Designed as a social avatar, Millie understands humans. She communicates with us by seeing how we act, listening to what we say, and sensing how we feel.

Millie uses her outgoing personality to serve and inform your customers, create inbounds, promote your brands, and train employees.

Her only limit is your imagination.

Personalized Experiences

Millie is different for every user. With the rapid expansion of the experience economy, personalized experiences are more critical than ever.

Your Brand Goes High Tech

Millie offers interactive product promotions, guiding customers through product features as they try them with their own hands.

Expertise for Every Customer

Whether it’s product details, stock availability, store navigation, or answering frequently asked questions, Millie delivers up to date information quickly and consistently.

Top-Line Impact

More than a chatbot, Millie has high level skills that impact your top line, from showcasing the latest deals to style recommendations based on a customer’s unique look and attributes.

The Ultimate Inbound Marketing Tool

With her powers of engagement, such as posing for selfies with passersby, Millie collects voluntary contact information for retargeting.

Ready to deploy Millie?