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Your AI Trainer

The one-on-one workout for everyone

  • Real-time corrective feedback
  • Repetition counting and fatigue detection

Get fit and healthy wherever you are

  • Works on tablets and smartphones
  • Integratable with your calendar for reminders

Personalized workouts for your level & goals

Stand-up Exercises

Including 10+ exercises such as windmills, crosses, jumping jacks, jump rope, and squats

Exercises with Weights

Including 10+ exercises such as curls, presses, jabs, snatches, squats, and lunges

High-Intensity Interval Training

Including 60+ exercises such as jumps, lunges, rotations, quick feet, warrior moves, and more

Basic Boxing

10+ exercises including jabs, uppercuts, cross punch, hooks, and roll

Stay motivated and connected with your community

AI-enhanced stats & performance

Track your progress over time

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Deploy your next-generation fitness instructor today