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Touchless Information Systems

Consumer’s Most Attentive and Friendly Guide

Sometimes we're so annoyed by banging our fingers on the unresponsive touchscreen and still not clicking the right button. The greasy and dirty screen is a yucky turn-off as well. So customers often choose to talk to a human instead of interacting with kiosks or just walk away. Businesses lose value.

Not anymore. With TwentyBN’s technology, not only can you offer customers shopping and advertising experiences that are responsive, interactive and hygienic, but also collect more actionable insights for your business 24/7.

  • Pointing and clicking from a distance with AirMouse

  • Touchless menu navigation

  • Touchless text input

  • Case-specific gesture repertoires

  • Robust gesture recognition in crowded settings

  • Attention and gaze recognition

  • Advanced situation and scene understanding

  • Responsive to human behaviours such as smiling and waving

  • Awareness of when the kiosk is looked at

  • Face detection

  • Person counting

  • Gender recognition

  • Age estimation

  • Presence detection

Take Advantage of TwentyBN’s Solutions


The complete user interface for shopping and advertising without input devices or touch screen

User experience

Modern, enticing user experience through human-like and relatable avatars, sparking and improving consumer interest and engagement

Anywhere, Anytime

Running 24/7 with low maintenance requirements and enabling full customer service behind shopping windows and after regular hours

More Actionable Insights

Our advanced computer vision systems not only understand complex scenes and dynamic human actions, but they provide useful customer analytics for business owners


Clean, hygienic, no more yucky touchscreen or hand sanitizer