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Deep Learning for the Real World

Roland and his team are definitely onto something. Their approach of using video to teach neural networks common sense about the world, by working their way up from visual primitives towards more complex concepts, could have a very strong impact.

- Yoshua Bengio, Deep Learning Researcher

Data Generation

  • Global Movie Studio that leverages an army of crowd-actors
  • Large-scale video repository that grows on a daily basis
  • Inherent diversity of human subjects
  • Reduces bias and overfitting of the trained model
  • Fast and cost-effective custom video data generation
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Predictive Models

  • Agile and fast prototyping and product development
  • Robust, real-world resilient models
  • Real-time capable systems
  • State-of-the-art performance and accuracy
  • Unmatched capabilities off-the-shelf or for transfer learning
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Real-Time Inference Engine

  • Platform agnostic, on the cloud or at the edge
  • Requires only an average RGB camera
  • Ubiquitously deployable across OS
  • Portable, user-friendly, minimalistic design
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