Touchless Sensing & Gesture Control with Deep Learning

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Do you want to enhance your products with touchless sensing and gesture control?

Do you want to customize and scale gesture recognition for specific business opportunities?

Watch this free webinar to learn how you can leverage 20BN’s touchless sensing & gesture recognition systems, customize gesture features, and deploy powerful deep learning models at the edge. It’s fast, easy, and high-performing!

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • The performance of 20BN’s touchless sensing & gesture recognition systems
  • How to easily integrate and deploy 20BN’s systems for your use cases
  • How 20BN can quickly tailor to your needs with customize gestures
  • Use cases that can leverage 20BN technology to build next-gen products

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Roland Memisevic

CEO & Chief Scientist TwentyBN

About Your Host

Roland is the Chief Scientist and CEO at TwentyBN. He is currently the only CIFAR fellow from Germany. Before founding TwentyBN, Roland was a full-time professor at the MILA machine learning institute in Montreal, Canada. He was advised by Geoffrey Hinton and completed his PhD at the University of Toronto.